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Ameliorating Hyperprocrastination Death-spiral Syndrome

So, a while ago one of my contacts at the mental health clinic told me it might be a good idea for me to visit a counselor at same. I did, and then eventually rather a range of things happened. They are currently still happening, albeit somewhat slowly.

My problem, as I described, was mostly related to my inability to do important things that I found unpleasant. For an example, have a gander at my shower history widget at the lower right.

On second thought, don’t.

When coupled with persistent responsibilities, this amusingly leads to a downward spiral where you feel guilty that you haven’t fulfilled said responsibilities… which makes it even harder to eventually get to it. Eventually, you probably give up, and have another delicious failure to add to your record. Probably my latest fail in this regard is QC for KoiRizo, which I quite simply didn’t do more than 100 lines of. Granted, so did half of the others too, so I don’t actually feel that bad. But still.

The program I’m in starts with a documentation phase where the issues and wants of the person are mapped through a series of set procedures, and inevitably, the papers associated with those procedures. There’s then going to be a phase of things to help me achieve my goals happenin. The main difference with this program and previous is that people from disparate departments/clinics/agencies etc can communicate more efficiently, apparently.

Admitting I needed help with such a basic thing that anyone should be able to do as this wasn’t easy. Granted – if nothing else, all my years should have taught me that there is strength in admitting weakness. It just doesn’t get much easier.

I often advise getting help from a professional when facing mental health issues. While not the be-all-end-all solution, and certainly one that can be combined with other methods, it’s usually not a bad idea. I’ve come to realize, though, that a lot of the people I know live in Amurrica. One person I knew only recently was able to get therapy for his depression, and this was due to some extraordinary circumstances. One of the great things about Sweden is that healthcare costs, excluding some stuff but including all my mental health shit, are capped at ~$230 a year. If your finances prevent you from this sort of thing… I hope your country gets saner and/or out of crippling eurozone debt soon.

In closing, regarding the title: I googled HDS and the Wikipedia disambiguation page didn’t list any syndromes. HD syndrome -adhd -add w/o quotes does reveal that Huntington’s Disease is in fact HD, but considering the limited acronym namespace, that’s still pretty good. A golden opportunity?

The featured image seems kinda sucky, but oh well, it’s kaminomi. Can’t not use. In other bored news, I re-enabled post RSS importing for my fuwaforum blog since it seems to suck slightly less. We will see if this trend continues.