Zaka: The Being-In-France-ening

I’d say the rain in France makes my donger dance, but the truth is, we’ve had fuck all on this trip. The overcast sky and tiny droplets hitting me at the moment are threatening a deluge, but they’ve barked without bite for like an hour now already. I sit here wrapped in wafts of petrichor, head getting as stuffy as the air, and wonder where I went wrong in life to have to agree to cook dinner for two nights just to get Internet access.

Tonight is 4 cordons bleus de dinde with rice. What, you expected something more sophisticated? Silly boy, we’re camping. Our only cooking apparatus is a two-plate electric stove, which anecdotally is quite a tricky thing since some low-quality camping grids will happily trip their circuit breakers when using both plates at once. In the case of our last camping, La Pinède in Six Fours, we plain couldn’t use it at all and had to eat out each night for dinner. Luckily, that night we had the hard-to-beat combination of French baguettes and butter on our side to substitute for our packet of chicken nuggets.

Come to think of it, chicken nuggets are kinda interesting in France from my perspective – chicken nuggets in Sweden are always precooked, and made of ground meat. French ones are sometimes neither, and can be quite delicious.

In general, grocery store pork and beef in France is depressingly lackluster, and despite this, expensive. If you want to cook a cheap meal in France, chicken or turkey – poulet or dinde, isn’t a bad way to go. Either the cordons bleus or escalopes will do the trick. Alaska pollock – colin d’Alaska – isn’t a bad pick either, though that’s actually considered low-class in Sweden unlike the first two. Turkey is probably the weirdest of the bunch, since it’s uncommon (and rather expensive) in Sweden, and quite the opposite in France and Germany.

I’ve been reading VNs a decent lot; I finished up Tsumugu’s route and got quite a bit into Eika’s in Ikikoi, read through the (free) android version of Get Dumped, finally got to the second chapter of Amairo Islenauts, a bit into Angel Beats 1st, and read a tiny bit of AIR (all in Japanese – I decided to read just AIR in Japanese after I saw some of both translations of it, since Winter Confetti’s is apparently inaccurate and the Gao Gao tl is kinda stilted. Obviously I will probably interpret AIR less accurately than either of those, but on the other hand I will be learning Fapanese and knowing that I’m missing stuff (笑)).

I haven’t managed to meet anyone from Fuwa this year, but I’ll try again the next one. We had some unfortunate misses… and that was it, It’s too bad. I did manage to meet my old German friend in Hannover, whom I originally met through a Warcraft III map-making clan of all things. He took me and my parents on a p. cool tour of the city. One might say he is quite the cool person himself :P.

As you might have expected, I didn’t exactly write this continuously – hell, I even managed to write a Zakabox for the Fuwazette in between bouts, if Tay actually sees my DM in time (otherwise, it’ll be here.) In between the beginning and end, I’ve went from a-woeing having to make dinner to actually having cooked it hours ago. It was quite nice. Damn our stove is finicky.

It’s now 22:53; night has fallen here in the south of France. It feels a bit weird; in Sweden, the sun might still be up – but it’s been down for like an hour here already. Sky’s still overcast, and there’s been some actual Rain, not to mention a few peals of thunder. Regrettably the air’s as oppressive as it was when I started. It’s rather unpleasant, and the loud, bass-heavy music being blasted nearby for some camping enterpainment isn’t helping. All in all, I think I’ll just crawl into my tent, listen to some non shit music, and perhaps read some VNs as well now.

Please do excuse me, and greetings from the land of cheese-eating surrender monkeys.


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