Holiday Planning: You Could Meet Zaka IRL

Live in France or Germany and want to meet me in real life this summer? It’s more likely than you think.

As you may or may not know, I will be going on vacation to foreign lands this month together with my parents. I’m leaving early on the 8th and will be back sometime in August.

Our basic route will start with a boat ride to Travemünde in Germany; we’ll then be traveling down through Germany to France (almost certainly staying in Alsace for a while). Dad’s still planning the trip, so we can change details (and we don’t really have any limits except our return date anyway).

If you’re interested, contact me soon in some private manner. Internet access when I’m abroad will likely be spotty; if worst comes to worst I suppose I could use text messages with people I really trust.

You can reach me through:

  • Skype (name’s zakamutt, if you’re adding me and I won’t recognize your name please tell me who the hell you are, if you’re from Fuwa or w/e etc)
  • IRC (Rizon, but I lurk a lot and might not be on much once we’re actually on the road)
  • OriginalRun’s TS3 channel (again I might be afk and miss it, including PMs)
  • Fuwanovel forums (PM me, this is a very good way to reach me as I am unlikely to miss it)

Looking forward to meeting at least some Fuwans and other excellent people of my acquaintance if possible. Don’t be shy!

Updates on planning:

  • Central Paris is a no-go, outskirts might be doable.
  • Won’t be stopping by Berlin.

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