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Livetweet Edit Mania: start of fault -milestone one-

I sometimes (read: rarely) do this thing where I attempt a live-tweeted edit pass on the VN I’m currently reading. Well, that or just trash the bad parts because effort. It’s rather entertaining to do, and I think I got some decent stuff in this time. Well, you can judge for yourself; start from the bottom.

A critique of it would be useful to me – god knows I tend to get on horses a bit too high for me, and realizing (where) you suck is a part of the process of improvement, if a painful one.

There may or may not be a second installment of this, ever.


Fuwazette To-Do Checklist: Public for Reasons

I guess I’ve always been a guy for transparency. I don’t think I would’ve written this much if my main audience was a notepad++ file either so there’s that, yay attention. Nothing here really needs to be kept private anyway in my opinion, so I guess it’s fine.


*Find out how to handle server strain / what I can do without shit breaking (because this could apparently legit break mainsite, lol.) This goes for all the stuff below that’s relevant.


*Get proper permissions for users to be able to write in the UI up more consistently, probably create a new permissions level with image upload / being able to set featpic since I’m currently duplicating work by reuploading stuff from imgur to blog proper. Likely said permission will be at second or third post (hey, people might actually feel like they’re going up the ranks as a bonus to).

**Figure out if big pictures are causing unreasonable data strain, 1mb isn’t exactly needed for a picture and goes into the cropping point below but whatever. Not that it’s likely to be a lot in the grand scheme of things but It’ll probably accumulate to the point where it’s a bit large for the server as well eventually. Maybe.

*Get philosophy, policies up in actual more formal form. This is probably done decently by actually using a certain boards, though dependence on Tay for assigning permissions is a bit meh. Forum software limitations ho! Alternatively, organize something offsite.

*Establish some kind of feedback system / people to consult about changes. Be careful to keep looking to my own vision as well though, since I actually tend to be influenced rather easily, perhaps too easily at times. Avoid these people being just yes men.


*Figure out what I want changed in general. Probably introducing more separate tabs for different kinds of content (not even sure exactly what’s up there at the moment, the current thing I’d want is home (all items), news, fuwa, project rec, potentially updates, fuwa reviews link. FIve elements might make it too busy, though. Also, an About page is probably warranted.)

*Consider increasing # of posts showing per page

Plugins – I need to get around to learning if plugins will break things and general best practices when installing them. I’ve been slacking on this point and I’ll need to know for good autonomy in the future.

*High priority: Get a stats plugin going (the jetpack without all the bells a whistles one is interesting, but there are more to consider)

*Lower priority: due to the multi-contrib nature of the blog and wordpress’ less-than-perfect handling of the Pending status, might need to get a plugin to notify me when a post moves to that status.


*Credit pictures / give source in some way. Been extremely negligent on this and might continue to be for a while, but ultimately this ups professionalism a bit (though it raises other issues if people track it to source and notify or whatever I guess, though that is possible anyway).

*I don’t think we’re that happy with the slogan. The name we’re probably stuck with. Both of them were decisions that were made because ultimately, you just have to do things in a reasonable timeframe even if they’re clearly suboptimal. On a sidenote, I find it interesting that me and Tay kinda instinctively shared this approach (I felt). I’ve actually used this method a few times in group projects elsewhere, not as a formal group leader but just instinctively taking charge I guess.

**This is technically something that could be done with a more public brainstorm + private pick. Main issue would be good ol’ drama which we’ve seen occur for minor things before.

*I’m generally not arsed processing pictures (and then they look crap like the current Harmonia one). Need to establish some kind of workflow to make proper cropping easy, also to get different sizes as post headers vs use elsewhere.

**Probably doable with some GIMP magic. Writing something up with aspect ratio guidelines etc might be useful later because me doing all the work is kind of stupid. In a perfect newspapery world someone else might do the layout. We are not in aforementioned world.

Muh Fuwazette writing philosophy

I practically never get any feedback on my work for fuwanvovel’s blog. There’s bound to be things to improve upon that I don’t really see or care about enough to change myself. Anyway, here’s a very abstract take on my current approach, which is not really what I asked for in the previous sentence. Litigate yours truly.


My personal philosophy when it comes to posts on the fuwanovel gazette (Tay wanted to switch from anything with aer, so here we are…) is to post slow, but comprehensive. There are a decent few reasons for this:

1. We’re unlikely to get press releases sent to us before any official announcements, meaning we’re at a speed disadvantage even without accounting for having lives and/or procrastination. Admittedly this doesn’t apply to fan patch news since the big outlets don’t touch that, but nevertheless.

2. We have specialist knowledge on the topic. $writer at siliconera or whatever is unlikely to get VNs at the enthusist level, and as editor-in-chief my obsessive information gathering will generally yield pertinent info (say, some post on the sekai project boards for example) that can be added to posts as well.

3. Related, but anyway – while some readers will probably fail to properly take in certain clarifying points (say, on the Grisaia all-ages only Kickstarter brouhaha’s specifics) no matter what, we can hopefully still dispel some of the general confusion present by gathering this specialist knowledge. That might be a bit optimistic.

Alright, that’s part of the philosophy. Lemme just continue this all…

*As much as possible, avoid just parroting press release information. Ties into point 2 above. It’s more work, but it’s also #integrity or whatever.

…I can’t think of anything else.

Some other stuff I’m currently running with that I’m more doubtful of:

*One post per day maximum. Keeps the content flow more steady. However, this has the disadvantage of pushing some news back way long until it’s… well, old news. It also keeps my workload distributed for glorious procrastination time (I will also very literally spend two hours going through an already decent post to make minor improvements and w/e).

*No posting on nukige for the most part, I have nothing against nukige, but I’m not really interested in them that much. That said, the real reason here is that we kinda want to get away from the VNs = porn idea to spread VN awareness well (I admit nukige also attracts people though so I guess this isn’t entirely one-sided). Fuwa doesn’t host torrents for nukige bar Sonohana (which I do report on because yuri bias, also they do have actual plotlines or w/e).

*I usually don’t use title case. Part of this is due to Aaeru not doing so in the past. No idea what the general e-paper standard is.

Any thoughts on this all appreciated, I guess.

(weeee I wrote something on personal again)