Monthly Archives: December 2014

So yeah, RtK1 completed

I actually did this yesterday (kinda feels like two days ago due to my sleeping patterns…), but anyway, I have completed initial memorization of the 2200 kanji in Remembering the Kanji 1. I’ve now moved on to grammar (Tae Kim), which I will be studying seriousmode from now on if things work out (hint: when the hell did things ever work out for me?). It took me 588 days from my initial Anki review to get to this point, by the way. Anywaysies, I should do a full post on this but it seems to not be happening right now; I’ll get that up eventually. I have actual important work to do though! Like, comparatively important, Fuwazette stuff etc. I know, I know.

I also made some updates to the Lingo page, because I’m sure people care. I’m also planning to create a page dedicated to what the hell the official VN localization companies are and parts of their history.