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Remembering the Blogposts #16

Well, it’s been a while. I haven’t really doubted my motivation to the point where the posts have been all that necessary, I guess? But mostly I haven’t been arsed. Actually, maybe that’s the only reason. Ah well!

I’ve been very slack recently, to the point where I let reviews sit for three days most of the time (but tried hard not to slip further than three. Longer than that, and I risk really getting out of the habit which would be Bad. Well, that’s something adapted from some research saying that three days, weeks and months are the most common times for people to quit stuff. Idk man. This leads to things like moderately undelicious 90min review sessions, but whatcanyedo.

I’ve found that the only method that really works for me is to do initial memorization of kanji first, then tackle the day’s reviews. It’d be great to have a less monolithic approach work out since I’d be spreading study time over the day more, but ultimately it just fails me.

Anyway, stats time:

New kanji since last post: 120 (ish, since I didn’t get an exact count last time)
Kanji in system: 2100

Part of the reason I’m writing this is that I’ve now reached a pretty srs milestone. Just 100 left! – that’s under 5%. My goal is currently to do initial memorization for all 2200 kanji before Christmas. This isn’t exactly a lofty goal; it’s less than five per day. That said, I’ve been very slack recently:

RtB #16 review count stats

Once I really do get to 2.2k I’ll post a retrospective, digging into the Anki stats for the ~330 days I’ll have studied and the ~596 days it will have taken me to reach completion. It’s been a long road – and I kinda started it all on a whim. A good whim.

I promised playlists for study music, and I guess I’ll deliver. Caveat: these might not help that much, since they have a fair amount of tracks that are a bit too downtempo to really work out – they might make you more tired rather than less, lol. Nothing terrible, though. The DnB one is likely the most solid, but I haven’t used it much recently.

Remember11 OST:

Remember11 study playlist

Usage notes: I tend to start this off with Scheme, skipping Chaining. A bit slower track first is nice enough, but after that I want something different and they both have a similar mood. That or I should just remove Chaining as it might not be very good for this list.

I skip Anima and Persona fairly often. Anima is a bit too bright and can be distracting. I just don’t like how Persona sounds in general, it’s probably not a bad track otherwise. Anyway I really like Animus so at times I’ll just start with that too… wellwell. This list isn’t generally that high BPM, but it does work out decently. The slow tracks tend to be disturbing in one way or another which might help.

You can get this on nyaa with some effort using your favorite bittorrent program (Zaka recommends Deluge, but apparently uTorrent is more user friendly? Never tried that one.) Search for “KID ost” and select audio in the category tab and you’ll get a massive torrent of like all KID music, evar. You’ll want to pick out what you want using your torrent client – look up how to add your torrent without starting it so you can set it to download only what you want unless you really want to get all the stuff. Here’s the good stuff (if you want, pick up the various scans of album pics as well. Depending on your player the artwork might show up, which is nice):

Nyaa r11 ost file list

Rewrite OST:

Rewrite study OST list

Usage notes: while the first track actually helps me into the mood quite well, there are some other slower tracks you might want to cull. The problem is worse here than in the r11 playlist. Also, Asagao is a really flipping good track.

You can get this at nyaa as well, though the torrents seem badly seeded… try anime-sharing if it doesn’t work out for you. Or just ask me. On nyaa, search for rewrite_original_soundtrack.

Muh old neurofunk/techstep/whatever Pendulum list:

Pendulum techstep study playlist

Usage notes: I hope you like techstep DnB. I usually skip to Minds Eye to start with.

You’ll be wanting to google for “pendulum greatest hits torrent” or possibly “pendulum discography torrent” or whatever. Greatest hits is a bootleg that has all but the first and last tracks I list here (the last track pretty cool though.) Pendulum themselves never released most of their pre-Hold Your Colour tracks on anything but ughspensive vinyl (to my knowledge, maybe they’ve actually gotten something out by now but I doubt it), so there aren’t really a lot options but piracy and/or buying a bootleg here.

Well, guess I’ve spent like two hours on this post already (time is now 7:15, yaay), need to get onto reviews. Time for a final typo check (grammar would take too long) and adding funny hover text to the pictures.




I added a page called “Various weird workings and lingo” to the top bar. It’s probably not going to be very useful for the most part, but it does have “todaymorrow” and “yestoday” defined.