Remembering the Blogposts #15

More like forgetting the blogposts, lol.

I’ve been out of sorts for a while due to not waking up in the middle of the day, which I need to to be able to stay up long into the night and so achieve peak productivity. No, really – I can’t make myself do ‘work’ of any kind if I’m not in this mode, I swear. Night is important.

Been half-slipping on things, sometimes waiting the max 3 days that I allow myself before dealing with any review backlog (it’s so great to do ~230 in one day too!1). I’m at about 1980, which is about 60 more kanji from very long ago, which is very slow but whatcanyedo.

…22:53 and sleepy. God damn it, the fuwarevolution dude made me stay up ’til 5am due to all the excitement. Already have a 1day review backlog T_T.

Well, I really do want to finish RtK before Christmas. Even 10 new a day would do it easy. 5 could actually work as well. The problem is that I use up my energy doing fun tasks, then am super tired when I feel like getting productive in any way. This might just be due to my bad condition (god knows I have about 15 kilos too much on, and I never exercise), but no matter what causes it it’s kinda crippling. I’ll leave you with a great article about procrastinators. That Dark Playground metaphor sure hits home…

…next time, you’ll see my studying playlists and potentially hints as to where they might be acquired, though I don’t want to get hit by the copyright monster so they shall be somewhat oblique. If I can be arsed to write them up, that is. Oh, and Next Time might be today. Or todaymorrow. Maybe I should define today and todaymorrow too…


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