Remembering the Blogposts #14

Things aren’t going that badly, but doing blog posts for the Fuwanovel blog, and psyching myself up for learning more kanji, tends to take time each day. I’d be hilariously more productive if I didn’t spend so much time procrastinating, but on the other hand, due to my perfectionist nature I can spend three hours on a blog post that really shouldn’t be that much work (probably also due to lack of writing skill though – but hell, best way to practice it is to do it.

I’d appreciate more critique (preferably somewhat gentle, but honest) in general though, so I don’t get stuck on a plateau of mediocrity due to not noticing my faults. Thing is, these days I really can’t be arsed to do the really anal scrutiny I used to do earlier. I mean, it’s a news blog, and I’m generally pretty late already (I try to compensate by including material other places wouldn’t when it comes to this, like mentioning Doki’s extreme opacity as to their progress on CLANNAD and so on).

Anyway, 1923 kanji in the system now. Things are definitely slowing down, but on the other hand this makes it significantly more enjoyable. That said, I still need to do my reviews for today and I’m procrastinating them pretty hard all things considered.

I really need to write up my review of Taarradhin, because I think it’s actually insightful and might help Cyanide Tea understand just what makes it so weak in the end. Well, ain’t that presumptuous – it’s quite possible did it better than me ages ago, I should check w.


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