Remembering the Blogposts #11

Total kanji in system: 1853

Improvement since last week: like, fifty.

ETA: fucking forever, lol. Still, I only have 350 left. Motivating, you have to say.

Cool new kanji: to be honest at this point, RtK actually gets to the cool kanji quite often as they tend to be centered in the back of the book for the most part (but 兄 and 姉 are early.) Thus, I get a cool one quite often. Nevertheless: 顔. Dem three lines under the left enclosure is the newest primitive, and I specifically did three extra kanji just to reach it.

My newest method of motivating myself is that when I amass 30 kanji, I get to drink a pepsi can (6 used at the moment, 6 remaining, but only one is a result from this new policy. Mum bought them at a delicious price, because we are all about delicious prices.) Amazingly, I have been able to stop myself from just “rewarding” myself anyway.

I’ve given some thought to starting to APPLY FOR JERBS and stuff, but using the default CV sucks and I really can’t be arsed to change it up in any way because this would require EFFORT.

Mum bugging me once in a while these days. Annoying but understandable.


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