Remembering the Blogposts #9

Pretend that I edited the last one.

Anyway, 15 last night, generally kept up with or slipped one day on reviews (semi-acceptable…) Among other random stuff, I got 今 and 嫌 and things in which is decent utility I guess. Also 嬉しい is apparently fairly common despite the non-jouyou kanji, so it’s nice that if you remove 女 you get a kanji with the heisigmeaning rejoice.

Progress has not been good on anything but reviews though, so yeah those 15 and 20 might be the only thingies ive done in a week, which is kinda terrible. Why terrible, you ask? Because I really want to get this shit done before my parents’ demands that I attempt to un-NEET get impossible to ignore. I’m not a diligent enough person to even contemplate working on two things at the same time, especially since I more or less always feel tired anyway. Well, I suppose there are exceptions to that when I get really involved in something; this happens randomly, but doesn’t really help when it comes to starting things.

Been trying out a new regime of one review session, one study plus its review session, potentially spread into two study/review sessions. This generally ends up with me feeling significantly more relaxed about the whole deal and also usually skipping the second session. 30 initial memorizations in one go is a huge pain, though, so I might try to ease into this at all. The main problem to getting all of this to work smoothly is honestly getting them in early enough, especially the morning/midday review session which has a tendency to slip into evening or midnight territory.

Image from this month's Anki stats, showing a high concentration of reviews around midnight. Also, a bit ofa spike at 5am.

Pictured: Zaka being a night owl as usual


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