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Remembering the Blogposts #11

Total kanji in system: 1853

Improvement since last week: like, fifty.

ETA: fucking forever, lol. Still, I only have 350 left. Motivating, you have to say.

Cool new kanji: to be honest at this point, RtK actually gets to the cool kanji quite often as they tend to be centered in the back of the book for the most part (but 兄 and 姉 are early.) Thus, I get a cool one quite often. Nevertheless: 顔. Dem three lines under the left enclosure is the newest primitive, and I specifically did three extra kanji just to reach it.

My newest method of motivating myself is that when I amass 30 kanji, I get to drink a pepsi can (6 used at the moment, 6 remaining, but only one is a result from this new policy. Mum bought them at a delicious price, because we are all about delicious prices.) Amazingly, I have been able to stop myself from just “rewarding” myself anyway.

I’ve given some thought to starting to APPLY FOR JERBS and stuff, but using the default CV sucks and I really can’t be arsed to change it up in any way because this would require EFFORT.

Mum bugging me once in a while these days. Annoying but understandable.


Remembering the Blogposts #10

I’ll just let the graph speak.

Not much progress, this is like 26 kanji added. Two days skipped.

blue is new, red relearn, the rest is just normal reviews and shit so no real need to care too much about them.

Currently at kanji… pretty close to 1800 I think. Hard to get new ones in due to lacking motivation and not starting. Also Sharin no Kuni.


Remembering the Blogposts #9

Pretend that I edited the last one.

Anyway, 15 last night, generally kept up with or slipped one day on reviews (semi-acceptable…) Among other random stuff, I got 今 and 嫌 and things in which is decent utility I guess. Also 嬉しい is apparently fairly common despite the non-jouyou kanji, so it’s nice that if you remove 女 you get a kanji with the heisigmeaning rejoice.

Progress has not been good on anything but reviews though, so yeah those 15 and 20 might be the only thingies ive done in a week, which is kinda terrible. Why terrible, you ask? Because I really want to get this shit done before my parents’ demands that I attempt to un-NEET get impossible to ignore. I’m not a diligent enough person to even contemplate working on two things at the same time, especially since I more or less always feel tired anyway. Well, I suppose there are exceptions to that when I get really involved in something; this happens randomly, but doesn’t really help when it comes to starting things.

Been trying out a new regime of one review session, one study plus its review session, potentially spread into two study/review sessions. This generally ends up with me feeling significantly more relaxed about the whole deal and also usually skipping the second session. 30 initial memorizations in one go is a huge pain, though, so I might try to ease into this at all. The main problem to getting all of this to work smoothly is honestly getting them in early enough, especially the morning/midday review session which has a tendency to slip into evening or midnight territory.

Image from this month's Anki stats, showing a high concentration of reviews around midnight. Also, a bit ofa spike at 5am.

Pictured: Zaka being a night owl as usual