Remembering the Blogposts #8

Wow, looks like I’m going to be disgustingly on time this week. Holy cow 9am.

I’ve been hard at work hardly working this week, seeking the kanji instead of the dole just as I always wanted to.

No really, check these stats out.

Current kanji in the system: 1622

Advancement from previous post: 154

Approx kanji per day, assuming only 6 days b/c last was on Wed etc: 25 + 2/3

Sleep cycle is completely and full messed up at the moment, and I have an appointment tomorrow at 8:30 am. this is officially doubleplusungood, but I kinda need to go. I just hope against hope I’ll actually make it at this point… maybe I should just cancel it. But I don’t know… will I even be on time to cancel it or whatever?

…I am almost certain to fail and waste my parents’ money. I’m just going to cancel the appointment. Damn.


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