Remembering the Blogposts #7

On the kanji train yet again~! …well, kinda. Lots of days I missed new kanji because something came up and then I was distractedtoallhell and thenIhadto writeblogpoststoo anditalljustkindafellapartincludingsaidblogpost for VNAerbythewaynothere thoughadmittedlyI’mprobablyfinishingittoday andbasicallyIgetsleepytoosoon and thatruinseverything.

*Phew, now that was some hardcore artsy writingness*

It’s funny because when I do kanji reviews when dead tired, I keep accidentally pressing the good button instead of hard or retry or whatever. I’ve even had microsleeps or something with my finger just falling on the enter key on its own.

That said, it’s not like I got nothing done this week. For example, I managed to sleep through making this, because I was too busy doing other stuff (and later, distracted by ts3 for hours.)

All in all, it ain’t easy when you’re always tired, I actually do have other things to do (turned out to be much more work than anticipated, and I thought I was padding the figures…), and I had a bio block reversal one night which made me sleep at the ugly hour of midnight.

Can you imagine sleeping so early, at such an undignified hour for any true NEET? Needless to say I have cleansed our home with elephant feces, for this kind of thing must surely have left it unclean.

Kanji in the system: 1468

New kanji since last post: 99

Kanji per day: 12.375

Percentage done: 66% (whoa, about 2/3!)

Basically we’re about on target if we feel like the rest taking ~2 months. If we want to get to it faster, we better get to studying new kanji more regularly. Thus ends the Tuesday RtB, except it’s Wednesday.


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