Remembering the Blogposts #6

Welp, guess I missed one or two of these, but fuck it. Back on terra familia (hey look I can make up latin!), and finally picking stuff up decently again it seems (though I need to review the 30 I got in today still lol, and it’s 5am, oh well prolly doable).

The goddamn heat and depressingly stifling/muggy air in general isn’t helping. I had to google translations for “kvavt” and frankly I’m not impressed here. Swedish wins!

One thing I found to help keep me sane and productive was to just disconnect from the net on my laptop. I think I need to do that more often in general, as it’s not really a pleasant feeling, being trapped by the screen…

Progress has likely been modest due to all the breaks and randomness and shit, but not that modest.

Kanji in system: 1369

% complete: 62,2%

Reviews missed: sporadically due to tiredness.

Max days reviews missed in a row: 1

If I can actually maintain a steady 30/day, I’ll be done in less than a month. Now, that’s not entirely realistic – but 2 months doesn’t seem too far off at the moment. And then… we shall see if it was all worth it w.


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