Snack Review: BCBG Provencale crisps


Hey look, I bought flavored crisps. Peruse the ingredient list, realize there’s no maltodextrin or flavor enhancer or paprika powder etc bullshit, be enlightened.

Pricing: 1.12 EUR at a les Mousquetaires (I think) Intermarché.

Amount: 125g

Ingredients: Potato, Oleic sunflower oil, Herbes de Provence (thyme, savory, rosemary, basil, marjoram), Camargue sea salt.

Nutritional whatever: not present, diabetics world over may now rage at not quite being able to dose correctly. Apparently it’s on their website but who wants to go that far?

Additional packaging info: Participe à Eco-emballage (participant in an eco-friendly packaging initiative… probably.) Cuite au chaudron (cauldron-cooked).

Environmental factors: was drinking chilled (by ice glacons) Coca-Cola Light, lime flavor.
In a tent in France, sitting cross-legged on the floor of my section, fairly comfortable.

These crisps have a fairly short flavor burst, followed by a rich fatty flavor and earthen tones. The herbs can sometimes be tasted, but the flavor tends to be drowned out by the crisps after eating a few. I think they contribute even then, though. Mostly rosemaryish, I think. Then again, I’m no expert on herbs; basically just think herbes de Provence.

The earthy tones arent that strong, and don’t leave a long aftertaste. The herbs are great when you do taste them. The richness of the middle-stage flavor is probably the best part, and made me really want moar. All in all, I’d say they are fairly exceptional. Wouldn’t quite go up to very good level, but it’s better than good… so.

Rated 7.5/10 (Good–>x<–Very Good).


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