Snack review: SIBELL Chips Croustillantes (salted)


I sporadically did these on my old blog for a short period. I always wanted to do this when I traveled and experienced new tastes and stuff… and now I can!

Alright, info first:

Pricing: 1.50 EUR at a Carrefour in Provence, France. Reference: Lays a L’ancienne was 1.28 EUR for 125g.

Amount: 200g

Ingredients: Potato (62.8%), Sunflower oil (36%), Salt (1.2%). May contain traces of gluten, milk and mustard.

Nutritional whatever: has the usual ~1/10 saturated fat balance of sunflower oil, carbs at 50.7g per 100g.

Additional packaging info: Depuis 1956. En Provence! Pommes de terre origine France,
fabriqué en France.

Environmental factors: was drinking chilled (by ice glacons) pepsi max, cherry flavor.
Minor headache/pressure, which I kinda forgot when eating which was nice in retrospect.
In a tent in France, sitting cross-legged on the floor of my section, fairly comfortable.

Has the usual, fat and salty burst of flavor you know potato crips for at the start, which fades moderately quickly  into an earthy aftertaste. Sometimes a bit of an unpleasant cardboard effect at the roof of my mouth at the start of a chew. Reminds me of OLW’s offering in Sweden. The fade is a bit quicker than most other French crisps, making the crisp feel a bit dry.

It’s a bit of a change-up from the norm, however, and the price is nothing to sneeze at being somewhat better than my usual go-to Lays a l’Ancienne.

I recommend them to people who like an earthy aftertaste, and people who are bored with the usual maximum-flavor-burst type that Lays et al. provide. If you like these, you might like the Swedish OLW potato crisps.

Rating: 4/10 (slightly below average). The taste is pretty much standard for this kind of crisp and crisps in general. However, the cardboard-ish effect is ungood, though not horrible.

Depressingly I couldn’t find any only-salted Tyrell’s, which was otherwise down to ~2 EUR from the dizzying heights of 3 EUR it was at on my last trip (if I remember correctly).

From what I remember they weren’t really worth the price last time I tried them, but were decent enough.

Anyway, that’s hopefully my next tasting objective. Or I could get swayed by one of those random PRODUITS REGIONAUX ARTISANALE thingies if it’s cheap enough.

Not that those usually turn out that great.


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