Remembering the Blogposts #4

Still at it? What am I, a wizard?

After a ramp-up slacking period, I’m now actually going aheadish with the 30-a-day plan I set out for Summer. Realistically this means I could get up to ~1500/2200 by the time I get home, which isn’t too bad. Of course, failing is always an option.

Most recent primitive is 人. Since you’re supposed to associate it with a certain memorable person, I picked my osananajimi and soulmate. So much reminiscence of my memories with her, man. Also an affair with a cow which was very bestial and tribadistic, because memorable stories. Kind of sad she’s not with me any more and stuff. Ah well, ’twas a long time ago.

So anyway, studied 114 cards in 66 minutes today, one review pass and one learning pass. I can feel myself getting better at imaginationing stories. Hopefully they are still good enough to last, as I take less time as well.

I’ll fite u soon enuff, Meph 😛

Kanji in system atm: 1052
Total increase from last week: 143


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