We are hilarious amount of ahead of schedule at the moment as far as I can tell, which is frankly ridiculous. I feel tired as hell, but maybe I’ll be able to go through my 65 reviews (in the end, I completed my Sakupet marathon (10/10 masterpiece) but was p. much nodding off while trying the reviews so that didn’t work out.)

Actually I’m pretty surprised at how successful this has all been. Basically VNTS and those RtK reviews were pretty much the only thing I did /not/ do, which makes me impressed at my stamina (I mean holy cock a bike ride amongst all that? After no sleep?)

Pretty much all that’s left is remembering to get the three pairs of footwear I desire. Also, checking out the battery situation (remember this, dad is slacking!) and it’s also nice that I remembered the power strip that we need moderately much that’s usually in my room and stuffs.


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