Surprisingly successful so far; I successfully finished my sakupet marathon (and I’m very happy that I did given the quality of the last 5 or so episodes), did practically all the stuff listed except vnts. The Lamune partial is up, I managed to exchange stuffs for euros, got my diabeetus supplies…

All that is left is more or less things that have to be done next morning due to their nature (packing my faptop, headphones, etc into my carrying case / backpack hybrid thingy and shit.)

RtK reviews not done though. I guess that’s my next thingy, and after that I’ll prolly go for some hours of Ayakashibito. Or crash. Crashing seems more likely.

I also didn’t find my headphone case, which is annoying because I just know I put it somewhere for good cool safekeeping at some point and it’s presumably buries beneath a stack of whateverness at the moment… I’m having to clean, here. It’s terriburu. And I might not find it anyway…


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