Let’s try one of these without a title for entertainment and use this in a gay microblogging way.

tl;dr I was on a Fuwanovel podcast discussing Grisaia no Kajitsu today. ‘Twas led by OriginalRen / Ren and was quite nice. Incidentally we talked for liek hours afterwards in the channel, entertaining

Things I didnt quite get to say: I liked the profound lolphilosophyish parts, they provided some interesting quotes. And every route is at least somewhat good, consistent quality and shit.

In conclusion if you don’t read Amane’s route for sex reasons you’re a faggot, we’ll let Yuuji explain (though this rules out pure actual promiscuity…):


Women are a bit too complex to fit neatly inside the frame of that simplistic concept.

Sometimes they want to forget something painful.

Sometimes they’re simply lonely.

And maybe sometimes, it’s no one easily defined emotion; maybe it’s all of the above and more, an overwhelming jumble of hopelessly tangled feelings… Under such circumstances, women throw themselves at men.

Any man will do; sometimes, even someone they despise from the bottom of their heart. Sex is a moment of forgetfulness for them, a band-aid on a wound. Men refer to such women as “sluts.”

Amane confidently refers to herself as such on a regular basis. But however urgent her sexual demands, she’s far from indiscriminate. Her target has always been restricted to me and me alone.

Almost as if she’s decided I’m the only band-aid that can cover up her particular wound.


6 thoughts on “

  1. Amane isn't a slut!

    “(though this rules out pure actual promiscuity…):”

    So what you’re saying is that you wish Amane really was a promiscuous girl?

    1. zakamutt Post author

      I was attempting to state that not all promiscuous women have some sort of mental damage, more or less. The quote is, after all, partly a more general statement.

      I have no idea where you got the idea that I wish for Amane to be promiscuous. My preferences don’t really go that way, although if said girl was willing to commit to a monogamous relationship after a while I’d be decently ok with that. With that said, giving my impending wizardhood I’m not sure if I should be all that picky w. (Admittedly the whole wizard title thing is entertaining as well… which is probably just more proof that I would benefit from losing that possibility.)

      1. Amane probably isn't a slut!

        “I have no idea where you got the idea that I wish for Amane to be promiscuous.”

        Sorry, I thought you meant that you wanted Amane to be that way because you put a frowny face at the end of the sentence I quoted. D:

        What do you mean by wizardhood?

      2. zakamutt Post author

        Imageboard-originating meme. If you reach the age of 30 while remaining a virgin, you become a wizard. When Sekai Project’s CEO said he was a wizard (can’t remember where, could be on 4chan in which case it might be fake too), this was what he meant.

  2. Amane probably isn't a slut!

    You have a cute personality, I’d be glad to make sure you never become a wizard 😉

    1. zakamutt Post author

      I am most charmed by your advances, though as usual one wonders about genders and intentions. Could always hit me up if you actually decide to visit Uppsala (my strong NEET spirit prohibits me actually going somewhere else).


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