Remembering the Blogposts #2

Hey look, I did it again.

This week I’ve been hampered by falling ill and shit, plus things actually happened in the vnsphere so I wrote stuff and shit for VNAER.

As such, all learning has actually been focused on the last three days; one day I got 9 in, then i was too tired to review it for three days or something which was not ideal (but I did the scheduled reviews). After that I randomly got 11 more in or something, in two batches in one day. I’m still not really sure what happened, but I think keeping this post in mind did motivate me.

That said, lots of hard-to-story words in my current batch like take (a magician enthralls you by taking something from your ear while reaching for your crotch and taking your money, shoves it in his crotch instead… maybe) and particular (at first this was about dire skeletons or something, but right now it’s about a very particular woman wanting explicitly the color shades bone and vermillion[1]). Utmost should be hard but since it’s in 最高 I might have an easier time remembering that.

I’m feeling productive today, so it’s not impossible I’ll memorize even more in a third shift. Then again, I have a podcast to attend… urgh. At least I’ve sorted out my feelings on Kajitsu decently during the night. Let’s hope I’m not too strung out at 2am…


21 new

885 total

[1]This spelling is disliked by my spell-checker, but seems to be somewhat common at least in Amurrica. I think it looks better than vermilion, so there you go.


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