Remembering the Blog Posts #1

Long, long ago this thingy thing with peer recruitment or whatever it was called was attempted on Fuwanovel and fell apart spectacularly for the most part. ‘Twas something to help you learn Japanese, kanji first through RtK then grammar with Tae Kim and shit. If you think this is retarded, it is possible that you are wrong. Either way, I’m too lazy to grammar but sometimes can be arsed to new kanji,

It’s been really slow these days though, and I’m only at 850 after way too long. One way to put some pressure on yourself is to do some kind of regular report… so here we are.

This week I’ve been regular on the reviews (as usual, actually,) every day or very sometimes every two days (keep in mind that three tends to be the maximum before you give up completely, though I’ve recovered from 200+ stacks of reviews at times). The reason I made this post today is that I got 29 new kanji in, which is kind of a lot for me. Did it in two sittings, actually; I’m slow as fuck so just the story creation part probably took me 2 + 1/2 hours. This indicates some promise.

My main problem is that I like studying in the horizontal position (I got used to it in my formative years as I never really had a desk to study at – and now the table just feels wrong, too.) Unfortunately, I get really sleepy when I close my eyes and focus on creating kanji stories, which is frankly a pretty weird experience (and something I always had to fight when studying other stuff as well in later years). Most of the tiredness gets dispelled when I open my eyes again, which does help.

Anyway, less talk and more weekly statistics:

New kanji foar grinding: at least 29

Current amount of kanji in the system: ~850

Random cool stuff: I know how to write the right side of 彼 now, and the left side is derived pretty easily. Knowing how to write かのじょ / 彼女 is decently cool (though as you might expect, I knew it by sight long ago.)


So, Tuesdays eh? Alright, let’s see if I can make this a feature. Though presumably nobody will be interested but myself.


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