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A checklist for a one-month vacation

  1. Get at least one or two books. I know you have VNs but your computer could break or some stupid shit like that and then you’d be really fucked.
  2. Headphones
  3. Headphone bag
  4. Headlamp
  5. RtK
  6. Shit to RtK in
  7. Mechanical pencils
  8. Diabeetus insulin vials (shitshitshit this is dangerous I’m not well stocked fuck)
  9. Diabeetus pens
  10. Diabeetus pen cases
  11. Diabeetus glucose meter
  12. Diabeetus lancets
  13. Diabeetus injection needles (pick up new!)
  14. Diabeetus test strips
  15. Euros
  16. Mood stabilizers
  17. Dextro Energy bars
  18. Toothbrush
  19. Toothpaste
  20. Razors
  21. Potentially floss if we have non shit floss (unlikely, fucking Plackers already pls)
  22. Shampoo
  23. Shower gel
  24. Deodorant
  25. Zakumbrella
  26. Mobile
  27. Mobile charger
  28. Laptop
  29. Laptop charger
  30. Eroge Clicker
  31. Shoes, shoes, shoes (very obscure reference)
  32. Pillow if mum forgot

Things to do tomorrow:

  1. Exchange moneys for euros (bike alone for *reasons*)
  2. Pick up aforementioned insulin vials
  3. Pick out books
  4. Charge phone since it’s slightly low
  5. Attempt to prepare Lamune partial prepatched
  6. Send PM to kendjin about this (include: link to candidate, registry entries, candidate registry adder batch, patch link, 1.03 patch link, unpatched iso torrent link, partridge)
  7. If unlazy VNTS
  8. Shave
  9. No I won’t shower, that’s for the boat
  10. RtK reviews because I’m going to try to do hardcore RtK on the road anyway (and probably fail, but hey I’m at 911 now. Wait, 911, oh whatever.)

Things to do now:

Marathon 20 Sakupet episodes because 1. I’m really stupid and 2. I won’t get it done otherwise. Set alarm clock to wake me at a punishing time.

I can’t be arsed to move this to a more appropriate place since it’s meta-commentary anyway:


Attempt to pack and do stuff in a minor daze. Potentially fail miserably. Attempt to get to sleep before 3am, likely fail miserably at this as well.

Think of what I’ve missed. Miss something anyway.

Update 4:44 am:

Did the Lamune shit today instead because why not.

Update 14:01 am:

Exchange done, all but one run outside run (gdi no insulin in stock, getting call when it comes in).

Material shit:

Get at least one or two books. I know you have VNs but your computer could break or some stupid shit like that and then you’d be really fucked. *
Headphone bag
Headlamp */
RtK *
Shit to RtK in *
Mechanical pencils *
Diabeetus insulin vials (shitshitshit this is dangerous I’m not well stocked fuck) 1/2
Diabeetus pens
Diabeetus pen cases
Diabeetus glucose meter
Diabeetus lancets
Diabeetus injection needles (pick up new!)
Diabeetus test strips
Euros *
Mood stabilizers
Dextro Energy bars *
Toothbrush *
Toothpaste **
Razors *
Potentially floss if we have non shit floss (unlikely, fucking Plackers already pls) *
Shampoo *
Shower gel *
Deodorant *
Mobile *
Mobile charger *
Laptop charger
Eroge Clicker *
Shoes, shoes, shoes (very obscure reference)
Pillow if mum forgot

Lot of this stuff is dependent on clothes bags getting down and this has not happened yet.


15 eps watched. Some tears shed and shit.


Let’s try one of these without a title for entertainment and use this in a gay microblogging way.

tl;dr I was on a Fuwanovel podcast discussing Grisaia no Kajitsu today. ‘Twas led by OriginalRen / Ren and was quite nice. Incidentally we talked for liek hours afterwards in the channel, entertaining

Things I didnt quite get to say: I liked the profound lolphilosophyish parts, they provided some interesting quotes. And every route is at least somewhat good, consistent quality and shit.

In conclusion if you don’t read Amane’s route for sex reasons you’re a faggot, we’ll let Yuuji explain (though this rules out pure actual promiscuity…):


Women are a bit too complex to fit neatly inside the frame of that simplistic concept.

Sometimes they want to forget something painful.

Sometimes they’re simply lonely.

And maybe sometimes, it’s no one easily defined emotion; maybe it’s all of the above and more, an overwhelming jumble of hopelessly tangled feelings… Under such circumstances, women throw themselves at men.

Any man will do; sometimes, even someone they despise from the bottom of their heart. Sex is a moment of forgetfulness for them, a band-aid on a wound. Men refer to such women as “sluts.”

Amane confidently refers to herself as such on a regular basis. But however urgent her sexual demands, she’s far from indiscriminate. Her target has always been restricted to me and me alone.

Almost as if she’s decided I’m the only band-aid that can cover up her particular wound.

Remembering the Blogposts #2

Hey look, I did it again.

This week I’ve been hampered by falling ill and shit, plus things actually happened in the vnsphere so I wrote stuff and shit for VNAER.

As such, all learning has actually been focused on the last three days; one day I got 9 in, then i was too tired to review it for three days or something which was not ideal (but I did the scheduled reviews). After that I randomly got 11 more in or something, in two batches in one day. I’m still not really sure what happened, but I think keeping this post in mind did motivate me.

That said, lots of hard-to-story words in my current batch like take (a magician enthralls you by taking something from your ear while reaching for your crotch and taking your money, shoves it in his crotch instead… maybe) and particular (at first this was about dire skeletons or something, but right now it’s about a very particular woman wanting explicitly the color shades bone and vermillion[1]). Utmost should be hard but since it’s in 最高 I might have an easier time remembering that.

I’m feeling productive today, so it’s not impossible I’ll memorize even more in a third shift. Then again, I have a podcast to attend… urgh. At least I’ve sorted out my feelings on Kajitsu decently during the night. Let’s hope I’m not too strung out at 2am…


21 new

885 total

[1]This spelling is disliked by my spell-checker, but seems to be somewhat common at least in Amurrica. I think it looks better than vermilion, so there you go.

Remembering the Blog Posts #1

Long, long ago this thingy thing with peer recruitment or whatever it was called was attempted on Fuwanovel and fell apart spectacularly for the most part. ‘Twas something to help you learn Japanese, kanji first through RtK then grammar with Tae Kim and shit. If you think this is retarded, it is possible that you are wrong. Either way, I’m too lazy to grammar but sometimes can be arsed to new kanji,

It’s been really slow these days though, and I’m only at 850 after way too long. One way to put some pressure on yourself is to do some kind of regular report… so here we are.

This week I’ve been regular on the reviews (as usual, actually,) every day or very sometimes every two days (keep in mind that three tends to be the maximum before you give up completely, though I’ve recovered from 200+ stacks of reviews at times). The reason I made this post today is that I got 29 new kanji in, which is kind of a lot for me. Did it in two sittings, actually; I’m slow as fuck so just the story creation part probably took me 2 + 1/2 hours. This indicates some promise.

My main problem is that I like studying in the horizontal position (I got used to it in my formative years as I never really had a desk to study at – and now the table just feels wrong, too.) Unfortunately, I get really sleepy when I close my eyes and focus on creating kanji stories, which is frankly a pretty weird experience (and something I always had to fight when studying other stuff as well in later years). Most of the tiredness gets dispelled when I open my eyes again, which does help.

Anyway, less talk and more weekly statistics:

New kanji foar grinding: at least 29

Current amount of kanji in the system: ~850

Random cool stuff: I know how to write the right side of 彼 now, and the left side is derived pretty easily. Knowing how to write かのじょ / 彼女 is decently cool (though as you might expect, I knew it by sight long ago.)


So, Tuesdays eh? Alright, let’s see if I can make this a feature. Though presumably nobody will be interested but myself.