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Explaining jokes. Specifically, april fools jokes. My butthurt level: high.

<11:00:09> “Steve”: well zaka will forever be known as “the one who has to explain his joke” xD
<11:00:41> “Zakamutt”: I didn’t have to explain it
<11:00:47> “Zakamutt”: I did it anyway for amusement
<11:01:22> “Steve”: nobody does that xD
<11:01:48> “Zakamutt”: I do
<11:01:58> “Zakamutt”: I also giggled when I wrote my own joke post
<11:02:06> “Zakamutt”: I officially have no shame

Inb4 Steve emo about posting logs yet again. I can only hope he doesn’t read this. I mean, he’s not on Twitter anyway.

Inspired by something mildly demonic, I wrote the april fools post for Fuwanovel this year. Reception was mixed, but I fooled some and made some lol, so I suppose it wasn’t that bad.

The next day, I wrote a post declaring that the last post was indeed an april fools joke. It also explained the hints I put into the post to make attentive readers realize it was indeed a troll.

For various reasons, it was deemed unnecessary and offensive. Offensive mostly to Moogy due to calling him a faggot (which he’s probably completely inured to now, given the general behaviour in the *chans.) Unnecessary because everyone would clearly read the edited-in text that it was a joke. Sadly, I didn’t think of putting it in the title until an argument had progressed quite far. I guess I’m just pretty headstrong… I remember arguing passionately with Ryouuuuu about two sliders in my osu beatmap guest diff at length recently. After realizing we could just do a title change, the follow-up post really did feel unnecessary. Not that I couldn’t just have removed the Moogy is a faggot thing, or maybe just replaced the words with “disliked” ,and kept it. This was denied me by management. I’m butthurt, but in the end I guess I can usually compromise when it comes down to it. That said, this is a private blog.

That means I do whatever the hell I want.

Here’s the original text. Is it lame? Maybe. You’ll can be the judge of that, I guess.


The previous post about forming a fuwanovel translation team was false, a wretched hive of lies. I shall go through the hints for you.

“The people have spoken” is often used in a satirical context. Well, I think so, at least… Oh well.

Shcboomer dropping every other project on this short notice is pretty ridiculous. So is the whole (company obligations etc.) thing – do you really think we’d win over the translators at MG or JAST?

The thing about me knowing Japanese extremely well is false. I suppose, as Hitler said, that people would rather believe a big lie than a small one.

Two projects at the same time is a really weird arrangement. 1000 lines a day is insane. Seung Park of insani fame did indeed keep this up – for like, six days. He was exhausted afterwards.

Adding Moogy’s name to the equation is pretty silly; general attitude towards him is that he’s a huge faggot. Personally I don’t hold that strong of an opinion of him, but still.

The line “quality that fan translation is known for” might be somewhat true for fansubbed anime, but VN translators often don’t really produce that good translations due to lacking knowledge in Japanese , English, writing skill, or all three. Admittedly, some commercial releases have been pretty bad too…

The stinger is the four kanji at the bottom of the post. I mostly intended this as amusement for people who can actually read Japanese: It basically says “fourth month idiot/dummy” in an extremely silly literal translation — basically, april fools.

And if we really did start up a “fuwanovel translation group”, we’d likely start recruiting in the fan project section of the forums, like a decent number of projects are already doing.

A successful troll? Perhaps. I hope you were either tricked into excitement then had your hopes crushed, or fooled thoroughly.