A little more statistics – the overwhelming power of Facebook!

A picture displaying the contry demographics for my latest blog post on Sometimes Clever.


We recently got another cool post up on Sometimes Clever; this time, we did a fluffier post on vn OST tracks. While we couldn’t get this up on the Visual Novel Aer blog, and decided to hold off on Reddit (where the Tuesday entry will be – look forward to it!), we did get it posted on the Fuwanovel Facebook page.

We broke our visitor records. Again.

This time, we got 321 visitors and 463 views. 63 people viewed the archives / homepage, and a smattering of some 30 people total also got to other articles.

Picture showing stats for viewership of different entries. 354 viewed the Sunday article, 68 viewed Home page / archives.

This is an increase in views per visitor from 1.27 on our first awesome day, to 1.44. Traffic was pretty slow until the entry was posted on Facebook, but then…

A picture showing referrer stats for the Sunday blog post. Facebook leads by far with 199 views; next up are teh Fuwanovel forums with nine.

Still missing quite a few views that have no referrer, though…

Well, let’s see what we can achieve on Tuesday – huh, that’s today, isn’t it. We’ll post at a strathegic time – we have Nao’s permission to post it up on visual novel aer / facebook at any time. Reddit wil lbe a different beast. We don’t want to be seen as people spamming links to our blog; I’ll take a few precautions. First of all, I’ll make it a self post, and ask the question our blog post tries to answer. I’ll have a link to our blog in the body. I’ll want to encourage discussion on the actual entry, though — and of course, I’ll participate in any discussions that arise. If we get enough good recommendations, I’ll consider posting these one the blog as well some day (perhaps wednesday might be good?) or edit my post.

Of course, there’s the posibility that we’ll get called out (though really, our intentions are good). Reddiquette actually tells you to maintain a 9/10 ratio of non self content to self content – but that’s pretty difficult on a subreddit that moves at like, one or two entries a day. I’ll try to get more news up there, though; perhaps with good enough spacing, we can continue to enjoy the publicity. Probably have to wait one or two months after this, though.

Is anyone actually reading the Alt texts for the images, by the way? I suppose they might be useful for webarchive stuff, but I’m mostly interested in blind/visually impaired users – I guess this is what I get for reading too much Nielsen Norman…


One thought on “A little more statistics – the overwhelming power of Facebook!

  1. Desperado316

    I noticed that too… Reddit is a bit of a hit and miss when promoting your articles I noticed… Or perhaps nobody bothers to read mine anymore… Sobsob

    Facebook works better in my opinion. Congratz on breaking your record!


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