Writing madness and general success

While Thursday was a day of great failure, Friday offered significant levels of success.

First of all: I arrived at work five minutes early. This never happens. It is outside the realm of possibility. I must have traveled to some bizarro alternate dimension. I’ll need to look out for my doppelganger.

Second, I got to with with P-ti-san. This was much better than working with I-san.

Third, I’ve managed to get a serious amount of writing and editing done, for batman’s blog and my supah secret project which is now at 4/80. I’m also getting this stuff promoted, which is excellent. Hopefully, I’ll be able to harness the twin powers of Reddit and Visual Novel Aer yet again. This time, We have a highly interlinked post. I’ll see whether it increases views per visitor.

Both posts have been collabs; one with boomer (which we released today) and one with batman (which is for tuesday).

Now, I don’t have much to do yet – I’ll see if I can get boomer to actually edit the tuesday thing , and I’d like to do at least two scripts a day for my secret project (two is likely to be the max given how long it’s taking to really get quality results). Oh, and seeing if I can get boomer on board for a repeat of our Sunday thing, possibly writing something more substantial that has been in my mental pipeline for a long time but I’ve been too lazy for…

Yeah, I’ve been a bit busy. But I actually like it this way, I think. Maybe I should have gone for a career in writing somehow?


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