Holy viewcount, Batman: some wordpress stats for my recent post

As you might have seen linked in a short post a little while ago, I wrote a review of True Remembrance recently. I got this thing linked from a bunch of places in an attempt to up viewership, and hey, looks like we managed to scrape together some 400 visitors at least. If even 1% of those try the vn… I’ll have had four people read a vn I love.

Probably worth the three or four hours total I spent on it.

As it’s now been three days since I posted the review, I figure I’m probably not getting that much more data out of it. Thus, I can now bravely present you with stats!

Wordpress stats overview for Sometimes Clever, November 23rd tooltip displayed

The day I’ve selected here isn’t actually the day I published the review – this is pretty relevant, and I’ll get back to that soon enough.

November 22

Originally, I hyped the review on twitter to my totally massive number (over 40!) of followers (mostly because I was still waiting on shcboomer to get it edited). As soon as it was out, I tweeted about it’s magnificent completion as well (and got a retweet from solidbatman — who is doing a 24 hour livestream of little busters on December 2nd, by the way — always something. Well, he is the blog owner and everything…).

This got me a massive number of visitors: one.

Well, I decided to try to actually get some publicity for this thing, so I turned to Naomi, one of the people handling the Fuwanovel blog, Visual Novel Aer. She liked it enough to make a post about it, and it was up there for a while.

WordPress isn’t showing me a single referrer link from fuwanovel, but I suspect that’s probably an issue with the interwebs rather than not getting a single click. In fact, only 1/7 of views are even accounted for by referrals this day. Pretty weird. Also, apparently 8 referrals were results from google search. I have absolutely no clue. Sadly for statwhores worldwide, our friend google has started encrypting this stuff, so I can’t see the terms used. Googling “true remembrance review” without quotes does get my blog on my computer… at position #6. And that’s now…

Well, who knows.

The 71 views on this day amounted to 45 visitors; 1.58 views per man. Either most views this day were from word-of-mouth somehow, or they were from the visual novel aer blog. I suspect it’s probably the latter.

View distribution for September 22nd

View distribution for September 22nd. Note that Home page/archive means they visited some other part of the site after reading the post.

Quite a few people seemed to check out the blog main page after this, which is nice. A few even clicked some other stuff — yay!

Apart from random stuff I see in the post now I want to edit, I do realize I dropped the ball in one aspect – I forgot to interlink my post with my earlier one on batman’s blog, or, well, anything internal. Oh well, I’ll be better next time mum no don’t hit me oh god why are you holding an axe

Apart from Twitter and Visual Novel Aer, I also posted a link on the TvTropes visual novels subforum (very disappointing. One view. Place is close to dead). Linked it in #fuwanovel and #tlwiki as well, not sure if anyone actually clicked that stuff though.

Then I thought: Alright, I’ve already spent quite some time whoring this thing. Where else can I post this?

I’m not really familiar with most vn sites, and in general, I doubted I’d get that much of a boost from them. Vndb discussions move slow as fuck, and I’m not involved with erogedownload/whatever else is out there at all. However, there is this place I refresh once in a while… It seems kind of dead, but it does get new stuff every once in a while: the visualnovels subreddit.

September 23

I didn’t think reddit would really be a big factor, and mostly posted there as an afterthought. One of the things that worried me somewhat is that I was basically promoting myself, which isn’t necessarily in line with reddit etiquette. I picked a neutral title: “True Remembrance review”. Not sure what effect on goodwill this really had, to be honest.

Wordpress referrer stats for November 23rd.

WordPress referrer stats for November 23rd.

In retrospect, it’s not hard to see that reddit has some serious potential. Given how participation inequality works, It’s actually pretty impressive how some threads can get significant numbers of comments there. Not only that, it has six thousand subscribers. Man, Fuwanovel gets like 6k visits per day. Granted, not every one of these people is going to check, but still. I’m a bit saddened by only getting one comment on the actual submission, but the views are definitely welcome.

The total views and participants were both at all time high levels for the blog. To repeat the info from the first image: 324 views, 256 participants. Views per participant dropped to 1.27, though, so I guess it’s not a complete, hypah unanimous victory. Nevertheless.

Wordpress view distribution for November 23rd.

WordPress view distribution for November 23rd.


I note that quite a few views are still unidentified here. I was still on top of the the Visual Novel Aer front page at this point, and I guess that probably pulled a lot of the referrer-less people in.

While this was probably the most interesting day, I’ll provide the September 24th stats for completeness’ sake:

Views: 135
Visitors: 103
Views per visitor: 1.31

Wordpress referrer stats for November 24th.

WordPress referrer stats for September 24th.


Wordpress view distribution for September 24th.

WordPress view distribution for September 24th.

I think it was this day I was pushed off the first visual novel aer post by the announcement of chaos;child, which I suppose is alright. I guess it might have lost me some 20 to 40 views, but that blog’s not my personal plaything and I’m happy I got the attention at all 😛




Other tidbits: The country distribution is very US-centered, with Canadian IPs being about 1/5 of those and anything else more or less in the single digits. I suppose that for now, Europe might not be that good of a vn market. It’s sad. I didn’t see a single visit from Sweden. Please stand by while I cry about this.


Oh, and in total, I got 15 clicks to pages distributing True Remembrance during these three days. I would like to say thank you to everyone that went out and downloaded the novel, and I hope you will enjoy it.

I was just trying to spend the time until the pizza place around the corner opened and now its already thirty minutes past that and I still have to do some link markup jesus

…12:07. Linking done. Hours spent on post. Maybe worth it.

Tl;dr: Reddit give much views, such visual novel aer lack of referrer, so blog, very cool, wow


4 thoughts on “Holy viewcount, Batman: some wordpress stats for my recent post

    1. zakamutt Post author

      Well, it’s all about who you know (and know will read you if you pester them) in my experience. You seem to be making consistently interesting posts so far, so it should be worth reading to anyone interested in (stalking) you :).

      Well, this personal blog isn’t intended to get many views anyway; my work over at Sometimes Clever is a bit different, as I have an agenda (visual novels yay!).

      I guess we’re mostly in the same boat in that regard.

      I guess if nothing else, what I write here will be practice. Since this blog is public, I will need to consciously try to not suck — something which wasn’t quite as needed with my previous private one (of several years and hundreds of posts!).

      Do keep writing when the urge strikes you. I’ll see if there’s some convenient way to follow you, as well.

      1. coffeeandpassport

        Ha, I don’t want anyone I know reading my blog actually, in case one day I want to write about them 🙂 I agree, I don’t expect my view count to rise significantly, mostly because I do write about the boring everyday things in a boring everyday way. I have the blog to simply write so it’s serving its purpose for now. I’m just happy I’m keeping up with it!

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