Another day, another oportunity to cut things.

So, everything went better than expected.


I managed to acquire meds; I got to work in time.

Interestingly, I actually did get a mail from the guy monitoring my progress in the welfare program; he was somewhat concerned over my three-day absence. I have not replied to the mail; I figure my presence at work yestoday will be enough.

Rather less hot is the current time — 2:21 AM. It’s not just a lack of will to sleep; it’s quite difficult in general, too. I guess I’ll just have to tough it out todaymorrow — as I did yestoday, as well.

The guy I worked with today, whom I’ve worked with before for some time, is a pretty bad case of slackerdom.

There are some extenuating circumstances — he’s got a bad back or hip or something. I shall call him I-san henceforth.

I-san produces bags of firewood. This consists of a few steps.

*Load pieces of wood, approximately 1m in length, on a cart.
*Wheel cart into the cutting tent, which houses a circular saw.
*Place a wheelbarrow at the end of the sawing table to collect the logs.
*Cut off one end of the log. This is done so the wood looks nice and pretty to the customer, as it tends to be black or have some plant growing on it.
*Cut off the other end, this time making sure to keep one end of the log at a marker for the length of the log. Getting this right is fairly important.
*Move the log forward 30cm to the second mark, cut. A 30cm piece is thus born through the magic of sharp, spinning metal.
*Move log forward again. Cut.
*Push logs further into the wheelbarrow to avoid cluttering the front of it with logs and make dropping them off difficult.
*Repeat until wheelbarrow is full.

This was a pretty strenuous job until recently. However, we just got a new blade… and man, this thing cuts a million times better.

*Take the loaded wheelbarrow to another tent.
*Bring it up right in between two rectangular containers, in which logs are placed in a strategic manner.
*Load them logs with varying levels of gusto. Big logs in the bottom, wedge with smaller and more angular logs, fill in gaps well with small stuff.
*Drape a netted sack over the container.
*Tip the container, causing logs to spill into it and freeing it from the receptacle.
*Tie it closed with a double knot.
*Repeat until out of logs.

At this point, there will be a number of sawn-off ends in the wheelbarrow. These are used for some healthy competition/slacking time: one attepts to successfully throw them into a bag some two metres away. Scoring one’s effort is done by streaks: the more you hit in a row, the better. There’s even a high-score list in there. I currently lead… kind of. It’s complicated.

*Bring completed bags to storage area at end of day.

Of course, I-san being who he is, I ended up doing all the work. I don’t actually mind this; It’s just that personally, I came here to work. It has positive effects on my mental health.

Not that I’m amazingly diligent in any way. I spent a decent amount of time taking breaks lying in a convenient wheelbarrow, and after a certain time retreated to the facility’s computer room. I wasted an hour or two in there, changed back to my private clothing, and biked home.

I’m considering working all day tomorrow just to fuck with I-san, who for some reason (probably to keep expectations on his performance low) doesn’t want productivity to increase much. Slacking is just too boring for me to engage in for extended periods of time without the aid of computer games.

Nothing interesting happened at home.


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