A day of adventure

Things have gone just as planned today. Well, just as poorly as planned.

I’m sitting in Uppsala’s city library as I’m writing this. It’s fairly comfy. Having brought my delicious ATH-M50 headphones to enjoy the Katawa Shoujo OST with certainly helps, as well (and holy fuck I’m basically listening to classical in a library. It doesn’t get much more classy than this.).

It’s cold outside – not quite as cold as I first feared after temporarily misreading our home thermometer’s -2.2 as -22, though.

In the end, I didn’t actually manage to get any sleep. This admittedly made preparing for my departure today fairly easy, but isn’t doing me any favors on the not-having-fucking-headaches front.

My preparations were fairly simple: I packed my backpack to the best of my ability some hours prior to departure, filled my pockets with the requisite money (which I personally use to buy stuff), mobile (which people might call me on, though I actually set it to silent mode…) and pressed grape sugar (which tends to be useful when you have type 1 diabetes and fuck up your dosages). My backpack’s contents may require some elucidation: basically, I put my Remembering the Kanji textbook in there, as well as my notepad for practicing writing said kanji while reviewing. To go with this, I have a nice pen; I also have a less-nice (but pretty!) pen which I stab myself with for insulin injections. To placate the needs of the less-nice pen, I brought three disposable needle-tips; at the time of writing, I’ve already used one of them.

Given the inevitable no-sleep headache and general stupor, adding my RtK book and all was probably an unnecessary move. But hey, hope springs eternal. About as eternal as the time the 222 kanji I have up for review by now will take to review, really. Bluh.

But wait, there’s more! I also packed my laptop (an asus 1215n, in case you’re interested and/or able to share my pain at its quirks) and those headphones I mentioned earlier. Oh, and my Wireless Eroge Clicker(tm) — too bad its clicks are fucking loud as fuck and would be retarded in a library, but thems the breaks.

Yeah, that’s probably all I really need to talk about. There’s no need to mention the ski mask, or making sure to bring my ID so I can get more mood stabilizing meds when I head for home (as I’ve been out for some days. It’s possible this has contributed to my current negative spiral).

…Nope, no missed calls. It’s kind of eerie to have goofed off work for three days total and not have had any communications regarding it, I must say.

After getting out of the front door, I first did the responsible thing and checked out the closing hours for the local pharmacy. Turns out my feigned work period will end quite a bit before it closes — excellent! Now I only have to remember to actually go there as I get home. This may prove difficult. I give myself a probability of approximately 85% for success.

Well, the Katawa Shoujo OST selection finished up… and I’m not quite sure what to do now. I’m thirsty, but I’m also settled pretty well into this chair. What do I do? Well, I guess we’ll see about that soon enough.


My plans for today and tomorrow? Hopefully, I can stay awake until at least 20:00 today; after that, I’ll hopefully sleep for a long time and wake up ready to punch bears in the face (author has never woken up and been ready to punch a bear in the face in his life, but would welcome the sensation).

That’s all theorycrafting, of course. In all likelihood, I’ll fall asleep at 18.00, wake three hours later, get shitty sleep overall and get late for work, causing my social phobia to activate telling me I just shouldn’t go at all, because people wil lbe upset at me having gone, so I should avoid everything, juat like I did today, because that will totally make everything better.

That said, I’m onto you, social phobia fuckhead, and I’m pissed off. Are you really going to fuck around with me like this? I’m going whether you like it or not.

Or not.



2 thoughts on “A day of adventure

  1. Tay

    I listen to the Katawa Shoujo OST, too. All the time, actually: it really calms the nerves.

    You know, you’ve got a really natural writing voice. Are you much of a writer? (I realize this is English, not Swedish, but that only makes it more impressive)

  2. zakamutt Post author

    I write sometimes, but I’m not good at finishing up pieces in general. One of my old schoolteachers for an elective Creative Writing class did tell me “you could be a writer”, and I’ve always seen myself as somewhat skilled in the area.

    Sadly, my laziness holds me back in this regard all too much; I’ve considered going into a writing career rather than the sciences, but I don’t think I could handle it. Besides, if I did it too much I’d probably start to hate writing. I really don’t want that to happen!

    I did write a personal blog for quite a long time. I can message you with a link if interested: It’s hidden from google’s prying eyes, because frankly there’s a lot of embarrasing, emotional stuff on there. This blog is kind of a new start: everything here will be something I feel I can actually present to the public.


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