Sleep blues, and a premonition of failure

Todaymorrow isn’t looking that good right now, let me tell you.
It’s all my fault, of course. As always.

In fact, it’s getting worse the more time I spend writing this.

It’s 4:24 AM. I need to be awake at around 9:00 AM.

God, the tyranny of the alarm clock’s ring has me transfixed already.

I work a welfare job for the municipal government for six-ish hours a day, Wednesday to Friday. The assignments are somewhat varied, but generally tend to involve moving things from one place to another. I work outside, which is kind of nice for now. I do not look forward to first snow.

Last week wasn’t a good one.

Wednesday, I didn’t get to work because of lack of sleep making me supremely unwilling to.

Thursday was a day off with full pay, yay.

Friday I ditched work, but since I didn’t want my dad yelling at me more than necessary, that ditching was accomplished by biking to the city library and reading Memoarer är Prostutition — that’s Julian Assange – The Unauthorised Autobiography for you non-Swedes.

…Well, that’s getting slightly ahead of myself for the events of that Friday. I spent around forty minutes walking around in the entirely wrong area, trying to find aforementioned library. Eventually, I shamefully resorted to the tourist information center (but thankfully avoided any human interaction through the wonders of modern technology).
After discovering how ass-backwards my search had been, I ate at a Max (Swedish burger chain. Quite good.) — and then I got on with the whole reading books thing.

I feel like doing the same thing todaymorrow. Of course, if I skip work too much, I can get ejected from the welfare program.

That would be bad.

Nobody’s contacted me about my absence at all, to be honest. I guess I’m getting progressively more disconnected… again.


…We’ll see what happens after I wake up. But for now, all I can say is: I’ll probably do a repeat of todaymorrow tomorrow, feel pretty shit about said repeat, and hopefully manage to properly adjust for Thursday.

Yeah, right.

That will totally work.

4:53 AM.


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